SEFA 2017 Market Mover Award

Written by Kelly Cain, Chris Perrotte, and Joe Ricciardi

We love the words, “watchmaker, cabinetmaker, and toolmaker,” because they have the word “maker” in the,. This speaks of your creativity, intuitiveness, and exceptional talent. So,too, it is with you and your JL Colleagues. Therefore, congratulations on receiving SEFA;s Market Mover Award 2017 at our 32nd Annual Partnership Conference!

This award clearly sets you apart. You espouse wisdom, aligning yourself with integrity, and never accepting the status quo. Your character, Brad, Kristen, and Noel, has become your legacy-tenaciously accomplishing goals to the betterment of our industry.

Continue being a “maker” and delight in the mastery of the project!


-Kelly Cain, Chris Perrotte, Joe Ricciardi

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